Under Pillow Block Tension Transducer (Load Cell) For Wide Webs - Rotating (Live) Shafts - Washdown Duty


The Cleveland-Kidder® Ultra UPB Washdown-Duty LC measures and monitors precise tension on web process or wire machinery. With a completely sealed design (corrosion resisting and chemical resisting), this under-pillow-block style tension load cell is an ideal solution for demanding industrial environments, such as in the production of paper, steel, textiles, roofing shingles, linoleum, rubber, foil, and food products.


The Ultra UPB Washdown-Duty LC is designed for use with pillow block bearings and rotating shaft installations. It has a compact low-profile block design that can be mounted at any angle and used for retrofit or for new machinery.

Under Pillow Block Transducer


  • For Use with Under Pillow Block Bearings - Low Height Profile
  • Especially Good for Use in High Tension Applications
  • Wash Down Duty, Corrosive and Chemical Resistant
  • Ratings: 25-30,000 LB. MWF



Ultra Under Pillow Block Datasheet

Web Tension Capabilities Brochure

Ultra Line Capabilities Brochure

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Instruction Manual

Ultra UPB Transducer, MAN-70254 RevAA


CAD Drawing

Under Pillow Block (UPB) Load Cell for Web Tension Control



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