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Classic Cartridge Transducer Datasheet

Classic CR Transducer Datasheet

Classic Slim Cell Transducer Datasheet

Classic UPB Transducer Datasheet

Classic Line Tension Indicators

EMAG Series Summary


EMAG 4 Brake

EMAG 4 Clutch

EMAG 4H Clutch

EMAG 9 Brake

EMAG 9 Clutch

EMAG 9H Clutch

EMAG 26 Brake

EMAG 26 Clutch

EMAG 26H Clutch



EMAG 150

EMAG 260

EMAG Power Block (PB2)

Ultra Cantilevered Roller Tension Load Cell Datasheet

Ultra Cartridge Transducer Datasheet

Ultra ISC Embedded Amplifier Brochure

Ultra Line Capabilities Brochure

Ultra Line Tension Indicator Datasheet

Ultra Load Cell Amplifier Datasheet

Ultra Slim Cell Datasheet

Web Tension Capabilities Brochure

Ultra Under Pillow Block Datasheet

Web Tension FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Web Tension Handbook - How to Size and Select Load Cells

Which Load Cell is Right For You?

Instruction Manuals

Classic Cartridge Transducer, A800-7438 RevGA

Classic CLT Cantilevered Transducer, AO-70135 RevAA

Classic CR Transducer, AO-73228 RevB

Classic DIN Rail Amp, Isolated, MAN-13467 RevCA

Classic DIN Rail Amp, Non-Isolated, MAN-13466 RevCA

Classic Slim Cell Transducer, AO-70165 RevAA

Classic UPB Load Cell, AO-70136 RevBA

Cleveland-Kidder Tension Indicators, AO-70308 RevAA

IS Barrier Block - Classic, AO-90360 RevAA

IS Barrier Block - ULTRA, AO-90357 RevAA

ULTRA DIN Rail Amp, Isolated, MAN-13261 RevBA

ULTRA DIN Rail Amp, Non-Isolated, MAN-13262 RevBA

ULTRA ISC Cartridge Transducer, MAN-70430-0 RevAA

ULTRA ISC Cantilever Transducer, MAN-70445-0 RevAA

ULTRA ISC Slim Cell Transducer, MAN-70434-0 RevAA

ULTRA ISC UPB Transducer, MAN-70436-0 RevAA

ULTRA Series Cartridge Transducer, MAN-70251 RevAA

ULTRA Series Cantilever Transducer, MAN-70252 RevAA

ULTRA Series Slim Cell Transducer, AO-70263 RevAA

ULTRA Series UPB Transducer, MAN-70254 RevAA

WebPro Intermediate, AO-70174 RevBA

WebPro MotorUnwind, AO-70172 RevBA

WebPro UnwindBrake, AO-70173 RevBA

WebPro Winder, AO-70171 RevBA

CAD Drawings

Cantilevered CLT Load Cell for Web Tension Control

Cantilevered CR Load Cell for Web Tension Control

Cartridge Style Load Cell for Web Tension Control

Load Cell Amplifier for Web Tension Control

Slim Cell Load Cell for Web Tension Control

Tension Indicator

UPB Load Cell for Web Tension Control

WebPro Tension Controller

Load Cell Sizing Support

Load Cell Sizing - Cartridge

Load Cell Sizing - CLT

Load Cell Sizing - CR

Load Cell Sizing - Slim Cell

Load Cell Sizing - UPB