Classic Style Transducer - All Styles


Cleveland-Kidder® Classic Cartridge-Style Tension Load Cells provide a highly responsive linear output signal for measuring, monitoring and controlling web tension in continuous processes.

This legacy product utilizes a half-bridge semiconductor strain gage design and a temperature compensation network for consistent accuracy and performance.

Cleveland-Kidder’s current product offering, the Ultra line, utilizes a full-bridge semiconductor strain gage design. The Classic line is still available and supported.

Classic Style Transducers


Classic Cartridge Transducer Datasheet

Classic Slim Cell Transducer Datasheet

Classic UPB Transducer Datasheet

Classic CR Transducer for Pulley and Sheaves Datasheet

Instruction Manual

Classic Cartridge Transducer, A800-7438 RevGA

Classic Slim Cell Transducer, AO-70165 RevAA

Classic UPB Transducer Load Cell, AO-70136 RevBA

Classic CR Transducer, AO-73228 RevB

Classic CLT Cantilevered Transducer, AO-70135 Rev AA

CAD Drawings

Cartridge Style Load Cell for Web Tension Control

Slim Cell Load Cell for Web Tension Control

UPB Load Cell for Web Tension Control

Cantilevered CLT Load Cell for Web Tension Control

Cantilevered CR Load Cell for Web Tension Control


Load Cell Sizing Support

Load Cell Sizing - Cartridge

Load Cell Sizing - CLT

Load Cell Sizing - CR

Load Cell Sizing - Slim Cell

Load Cell Sizing - UPB