Cartridge Style Tension Transducer ( Load Cell ) For Wide Webs - Stationary (Dead) Shafts



Cleveland-Kidder® Ultra Cartridge-Style Tension Load Cells provide a highly responsive linear output signal for measuring, monitoring and controlling web tension in continuous processes.

They utilize a full-bridge semiconductor strain gages and a temperature compensation network for consistent accuracy and performance.

For application flexibility and convenient machine installation, Ultra Cartridge Style Transducers are available for stationary shafts, for wire or narrow webs, and with flange and pillow block mounting kits.

Cartridge Style Tension Transducer


  • Very Versatile Due to Variety of Mounting Styles
  • Most Popular - Industry Standard - Great Value
  • Ultra Line Features 40:1 Tension Range and Noise Immunity
  • Ratings : 25 - 1000 LB MWF



Ultra Cartridge Transducer Datasheet

Web Tension Capabilities Brochure

Ultra Line Capabilities Brochure

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Instruction Manual

Ultra Series Cartridge Transducer, MAN 70251 RevAA


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Cartridge Style Load Cell for Web Tension Control



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