Slim Cell Transducer (Tension Load Cell) For Wide Webs - Stationary (Dead) or Rotating (Live) Shafts



The Cleveland-Kidder® Ultra Slim Cell Transducer (tension load cell) measures and monitors precise tension on web process or wire machinery that utilizes either rotating shafts or dead shaft rollers.

It is especially beneficial in tension load cell applications where space is tight, web tensions are typically low, and the environment is demanding. With a maintenance-free lubricated bearing with very low friction, it is ideal for low tension applications, extending usable tension ranges of web machinery by measuring both low and high tensions.

Slim Cell Transducer


  • Slim Profile, Advanced Design for Use Where Mounting Space is Tight
  • Especially Good for Light Tensions, Extended Tension Ranges and Retrofits
  • Wash Down Duty, Corrosive and Chemical Resistant
  • Ratings: 10-1000 LB. MWF



Ultra Slim Cell Datasheet

Web Tension Capabilities Brochure

Ultra Line Capabilities Brochure

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Ultra Series Slim Cell Transducer, AO-70263 RevAA


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Slim Cell for Web Tension Control



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