Tension Indicators


Cleveland-Kidder Tension Indicators have been redesigned to maximize their performance, versatility and precision. Ultra line and Classic line Indicators are optimized for use with the corresponding line of tension transducers. Both indicator lines are housed in a rugged, industrial-grade enclosure.


A multitude of displays are available. Easy to read analog or LED digital displays are offered. A 0-100% analog display is standard but the scale can be customized for any range of values. A large 0.56 inch digit LED display is standard but an extra large 1.5 inch high LED display is also available.

Tension Indicators


  • Indicates the Precise Tension Value
  • Easy-to-Read Analog or LED Digital Displays
  • State-of-the-Art Technology Incorporates Latest Ultra DIN Rail Amplifier for Signal Conditioning



Web Tension Capabilities Brochure

Classic Line Tension Indicator Datasheet

Ultra Line Tension Indicator Datasheet

Instruction Manual

Cleveland-Kidder Tension Indicators, AO-70308 RevAA


CAD Drawing

Tension Indicator