Cantilevered Tension Transducer (Load Cell) For Narrow Webs - Roller or Pulley Style


The Cleveland-Kidder® Cantilevered Transducer CLT easily accommodates any cantilevered fixed shaft roller or sheave and precisely measures the same web tension regardless where the web is positioned along the roller.

It measures a wide range of tensions accurately, from as little as 0.1 lbs. to as much as 500 lbs. By eliminating the need to purchase integrated rollers, the Cantilevered Transducer provides the user with additional flexibility over idler roll lengths, diameters, materials, and roller coatings. In addition, there is no need to custom-design transducers for non-standard applications; and when replacing cantilevered rollers, there is no need to replace the transducer.

Cantilevered Transducer


  • For Stationary Shafts, Typically 20 Inches or Less
  • For Use With Customer Supplied Cantilevered Roller - No Need for Specially Designed Transducer
    with Integral Roller
  • Unique Design Eliminates Effects of Shifting Cantilevered Loads - The Force Remains the Same
    No Matter Where the Material is Placed along the Roller
  • Ratings: 0.1 - 500 LB. MWF



Ultra Cantilevered Roller Tension Load Cell Datasheet

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Instruction Manual

Ultra Series Candilevered Transducer MAN-70252 RevAA


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Cantilevered CLT Load Cell for Web Tension Control



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